CFOS IT Teleworking Documentation

In response to potential business impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, CFOS has prepared the following Documentation to assist CFOS faculty, staff and students who may need to work from home or other locations.

CFOS COVID-19 Resources

UAF COVID-19 Resources

UNOLS COVID-19 Resources

For those who may be traveling for R/V Sikuliaq please see:

Telework Resources

Chances are that you are already familiar with the resources highlighted on this site. In the case you are not familiar it is advised to take time to setup access and learn how to use the following resources in advance of needing to work off campus.

UAF Virtual Campus Internet Access UAF VPN UA Google Apps Zoom Microsoft Office

Teleworking Tips

  • Forward your office phone to your home or cell phone
  • Set a Google Mail vacation responder to notify people that you will be working off campus
  • Copy documents to a USB Drive or Google Drive so that you can access them remotely

Cybersecurity Considerations

Please be cognizant that as you use personal devices and cell phones that you may be changing your cybersecurity risk profile and may not have the same protections that you have from an on campus network connection on a UA administered device. As a general rule of thumb, keep your devices patched and updated, use virus protection, and be connected via VPN when doing UAF work.

Be careful when managing multiple copies of documents or copying documents with sensitive information to USB Drives or Google Drive. Be sure to use a clean non-infected USB Drive to copy documents.