Inventory Item Field Descriptions

Each Inventory Item and Metadata is stored in a ticket with the following fields.

  • Trac Custom Field
  • Trac Internal Field
Description Field Trac Field Name Format
Trac Ticket # Ticket id \d+
UA Inv Tag UA Tag uatag \d{6}
Item Description Summary summary \S.*
Keywords Keywords keywords \S.*
Serial Number Serial Number serialnumber \S.*
Vendor Vendor vendor \S.*
Manufacturer / Make Manufacturer manufacturer \S.*
Model Model model \S.*
SFOS Site Site site Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kodiak, Seward, Sikuliaq, KBay, Dear Yard, U Park,Other
Building Building bldg ONL - FS905, IRVII - FS906, AHRB - FS9, Etc...
Room Room room \S.*
PO Number PO Number po_number \S+
PO Date PO Date po_date YYYY/MM/DD
Grant Grant grant \S.*
Cost Cost cost $\d+
Last Inventoried Last Inventoried last_inventoried YYYY/MM/DD
Inventoried by Field Staff Inventoried by Field inv_by_field \S.*
Fund Fund fund \d{6}
Org Org org \d{5}
Owner Owner owner \S.*
Users Users users \S.*
Last Location Current Location curr_location \S.*
Last Status Priority priority Located, Not Found, Investigating
Inventory Stage Status status New, Active, Closed
Resolution Resolution resolution Surplussed, Removed from Inventory, Input Error

Multi Line Fields

Description Field Trac Field Name Format
Ticket Description Description description \S.*
Ticket Comments Comment comment \S.*
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